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Artist: Aurora "Rory" Gordon


Image of Artist:  Aurora "Rory" Gordon
  • Image of Artist:  Aurora "Rory" Gordon

Film: *batteries not included

Title: "*batteries not included Colortime Clock"

Medium: Acrylic, Wood, Clock parts

Measurements: 9" x 11" (oval)

COLORTIME! is color scripts painted onto custom made wood clocks, using acrylics and gouache.

To get the color script, the runtime of a movie is divided into 60 even intervals. Using a 60 frame grid, one frame is painted per interval, and when complete is a picture of how the color moves, morphs, and helps tell the story throughout the movie. From there, the color script is painted again on the wood, this time reinterpreted radially to make up the 60 minutes in an hour on the clock. No computers are used to sample colors.